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Aug 22
"I’m Really Lucky and Going to Brag About It" Photoset, part 2.

"I’m Really Lucky and Going to Brag About It" Photoset, part 2.

"I’m Really Lucky and Going to Brag About It" Photoset, part 1.

"I’m Really Lucky and Going to Brag About It" Photoset, part 1.


Power Tools (Tech Crew; prompted poem 33/52) // n.f.

I am a carpenter.
Look at me. You see this?
110 pounds of teenage girl
with muscles that don’t match her stereotype
and scars on her legs 
from when she walked into platforms
or fell onto screws.
I look like a walking contradiction,
but I,
I am a carpenter.
I spend my days creating plans
for the construction of sets
and executing them with precision you couldn’t even imagine,
yet I don’t even know 
how to keep my own skin intact.
I get nervous when I am given a pencil sharpener.
And I shiver if my fingernails are a bit too sharp.
So how am I possibly trusted with power tools,
let alone even a hammer?

This job does not come easily.
You need a thick skin,
and yes,
I know the irony,
but it comes in handy when freshmen think they’re gods
and seniors have kissed dedication goodbye,
but the hardest part of my job
is striking the set in 3 days.
I have finally learned to create instead of destroy,
and watching a set come down can be devastating
but I now know that that is not utter destruction.
It is all still here.
It is here in the memories 
and dozens of pizzas 
and splinters 
and tears 
and sweat 
and blood
but this time it flows for a goddamn worthwhile reason.

I finally started picking up razors
to cut foam core for a castle
instead of the crevices of my ankle,
and I no longer look at a jig saw
and daydream about being the plywood that’s getting destroyed.
Being a carpenter has saved me.
It took me half a year before I finally trusted myself with a drill
but it is still taking me a lifetime
to learn how to trust this fragile heart of mine.
I think I can use a staple gun to keep it shut;
that’s worked well for me so far,
and when it doesn’t,
there are gallons of glue and band-aids and screws 
just mere feet away in our tool room.

Look at me again.
This dot is from June of 2013
and this scratch is from this past April
and I remember every injury
every project
every person
that has shaped who I have become:
I am 110 pounds of teenage girl
and being at tech helps me forget
that sometimes I want that to be 95
and i want to be more bone than muscle
and I want it all to be covered with self-inflictions 
but I am a carpenter,
and we do not destroy.
We create.

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“The numbers start
getting smaller on
the scale but so does
the number of friends
you have and the number
of years you are going to
live and the number of smiles
you will have and the number
of dogs you are going to pet
and the number of songs
you are going to listen to
and the number of books
you are going to read and
the number of people you
are going to meet and the
number of times you are going
to be able to draw and the
number of times you are actually
going to feel like you are alive.”
Recovery is most important. (via dollpoetry)

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“The most popular album in America is a fictional mixtape of songs from the 1970s, assembled by an intergalactic vagabond.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 soundtrack has held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts for two straight weeks since the film’s release. Soundtracks as a whole have been doing great this summer with Frozen sitting atop the Billboard 100 for 13 weeks, but there’s something even odder about Guardians of the Galaxy’s soundtrack: Every recording was made over 50 years ago. People in America have collectively voiced what hipsters are always saying: Old music is better than new.”
There’s a scientific reason a mixtape of songs from the ’70s is No. 1  right now  (via micdotcom)

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Aug 21


I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power

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george takei is a gift to humanity

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wow this is my entire adolescence 

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“I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love.” Kuba Wojewodzki, Polish journalist and comedian  (via notnai)

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i love that fall has a feeling, it’s not even the taste of smoke and barbecue in the air or the smell of wet dead leaves, it’s like a palpable feeling against your skin. it reminds me of renaissance festivals and cider barns and long highway drives to lawrence with the trees all sunset-shaded on the side of the road and cold night bonfires and guys i really fucking love autumn

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